Body Positive Boudoir Experience | St. John’s, Newfoundland

Newfoundland Boudoir Photographer I asked Melanie to tell me how she felt about her boudoir experience with me.
Her response was amazing. I am so thankful she decided to do this. I am thankful I got to be her photographer. And I a thankful she decided to be so candid about her boudoir experience.
Boudoir Photographer, St. John's, Newfoundland Boudoir photographers Here is what Melanie had to say…

“I went into my boudoir session pretty nervous.
I am pretty shy and awkward, and have never had a lot of self confidence.  I joked with Amy about how I have never shared a photo of myself without using Photoshop to fix all the things that I saw as flaws.
Well the nerves went away pretty quickly as Amy made me feel totally comfortable.  I walked away taller, more confident,  powerful and sexy.
And then I saw the images!
Seriously the first time I’ve looked at photos of myself that somebody else took and didn’t cringe.  I couldn’t believe the sexy goddess on the screen was actually me!

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 8 years ago.  Since then, the debilitating pain and fatigue, the medication side effects, the loss of my career and  independence,  and the major medication induced weight gains have steadily chipped away at my sense of self worth.
I have finally arrived at a place where I accept who I am and I realize I am still a valuable person despite my limitations.
This session was like the icing on the cake, allowing me to see myself and say wow, I look amazing even after everything I’ve been through.

If you are waiting to get up the nerve to do a boudoir session –  just get up and do it!
Do it for yourself, because we all deserve a little self love.”Boudoir photographers Newfoundland Boudoir photographers, Newfoundland Newfoundland Boudoir Photographer Boudoir leg shot Lingerie Photos, Newfoundland Glamour photography, St. john's, NewfoundlandNewfoundland Boudoir Photographer boudoir photography

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Newfoundland Boudoir Photographer | Paula

St. John's Newfoundland Boudoir photographer I was going to tell you all about Paula’s Boudoir experience, but then I remembered a message she sent me a little while ago. She definitely described it best…

A few lines of my experience...

“Fabulous, Awesome, Exhilarating, Enchanting”
All words to describe my photos shoot with an amazing photographer, Amy..
I’ve worked hard on “ME” this past year and to see it come through on photos is beyond words-
I’ve got my sexy back!!”
St. John's Newfoundland Boudoir photographer St. John's Newfoundland Boudoir photographer St. John's Newfoundland Boudoir photographer St. John's Newfoundland Boudoir photographer St. John's Newfoundland Boudoir photographer St. John's Newfoundland Boudoir photographer St. John's Newfoundland Boudoir photographer
Wondering what these  is all about? Come join us in our ladies only Boudoir group! There we chat about all things body positive! Past clients chat about their sessions, we talk about how to get ready for, and what to expect at your session. This is not about having sexy photos taken for someone else. It’s about having beautiful photos taken for YOU.  If you aren’t sure this is for you – I get it. it’s different. But I would love to chat to answer any questions you might have!

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Kara & Richard’s Beautiful Day | St. John’s Wedding Photographer

I have known Kara for a while now, and from the time that I met her, she always told me that I would be her wedding photographer. In August, that happened!

I started out Kara and Richard’s wedding day at their home in St. John’s, where Richard had gathered with his favourite fellas. The guys looked amazing their custom made navy suits from Moores. Since most of them are pilots, they looked perfectly comfortable being sharply dressed!  Custom Made Suite by Moores at St. John's Wedding Richard popped the question at Disney – so their day had a Disney theme that was very well done. It was there in simple, elegant ways, but not over the top or in your face. It was beautiful!

With the boys ready at the house, Meghan and I headed down to the Monastery Spa where Kara and her girls were getting ready!  
Sawyer from Color me Bronze and Allison from Mobile Hair by Allison did an amazing job get Kara and the bridesmaids all ready for us to head across the street to St. Patricks Church  for the ceremony.

There was a lot of going on in the suite, as all of the bridesmaids got ready and Kara’s hair got it’s finishing touches, so Meghan and I took some of the beautiful details (including her stunning Maggie Sottero dress!) outside to play on the beautiful Monastery Spa grounds!   All ready to get to the church on time! 

I love the look of jubilation on Kara’s face as  she made her way up the aisle toward Richard. Because her Dad passed away when she was sixteen and there is no one who could ever take his place, Kara made the decision to walk herself up aisle to meet Richard, who was ecstatic to see her!   Classic Carriage from Clarke’s Beach provided all of of the transportation for the day. While Richard and Kara rode around in style in this gorgeous Rolls Royce, the bridal party were driven separately in  their own set of much bigger wheels! It gave these two love birds some timel to be alone with each other on their big day! Well, as alone as you can been with a driver up front and your wedding photographer tailing you all day! 
When we talked about what kind of wedding pictures Kara likes most, she said, “You know traditional? More traditional than that.”
Where in St. John’s is more traditional for wedding photos than Colonial Building!

Richard is from town, but Kara is originally from St. Anthony. So we hopped over to South Side Road to get some photos with a backdrop a little more like home for her!  One of my favourite wedding photos from the day! The trip to the South Side was well worth it! 
I mentioned Richard is a Pilot, so we spent some time paying homage to that too! As a wedding photographer, I love when we can incorporate parts of a couples real life into their big day!  A few last quiet moments before we headed to the reception at Murray’s Pond This Sweets Table was the nicest I have ever  seen. With subtle hints of Disney, Petite Sweet really, really hit it out of the park! Their work is INCREDIBLE! (And their mini Creme Brulee cups are incredible!)   In preparation for their wedding, Kara and Richard took dance lessons and worked on a choreographed number to show their family and friends! It came together beautifully!  
Kara and Richard, thank you so much for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. Your wedding was so much fun, and you guys are an amazing couple. I hope you enjoy your images every bit as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Much Love,

St. John’s Boudoir Photographers

When I started offering Boudoir sessions, we needed to be incredibly quiet about it. Clients would come to meet me at hotel rooms, with cleverly crafted alibis, because, boudoir might have been scandalous. Ladies might tell their closest friends what they had done, but the photos, they were for the husbands.


The photos? They are for the clients. The experience? For her too. Absolutely for her.

Woman are keen to show their friends now. To print canvases to hang above their beds. To share the experience and feel empowered by it.

They may give the photos to their husbands. But they are absolutely for the women now. And I couldn’t be more proud.
Lori responded to a Model call that I posted in my Boudoir group. Her application told me that she wanted to do her session to celebrate recently losing sixty pounds. It also said that she wanted to do the session for her, In fact, it said:

“I’m interested in being a model for a few reasons…
I have completely changed my lifestyle and have lost over 60 pound. Over this process I am slowly gaining confidence in my self. I have never felt pretty or confident in myself.
I’m a mom of two teenage boys. There is never much time for myself. 

I want to feel sexy and beautiful. And I would love to do something fun for me.”

I can think of no better reasons to do a boudoir session and I am thankful she trusted me to not only take these images for her, but also share them with the world. Here are my favourites…

St. John's Boudoir Photographers St. John's Newfoundland Boudoir Photographers
Thank you Lori for allowing me to take these Boudoir photos of you. Thank you for trusting me. You are strong and beautiful. Never forget how special you are.

Much Love,