Family Portraits Newfoundland When Rhea organized family portraits for her kids, Eliza and Nathaniel, with their cousins Elizabeth and Eva, I knew it was going to be a fun afternoon at Bowring Park. I love that these parents know that kids will be kids and sat back and let me do my thing running around with everyone, having jumping contests and having fun!  It is amazing when you get a fantastic posed photo (we did, you will see!) but those are never my favourites. I much perfect when the photos show kids personalities. They are only little for a very short time, so I think it’s important for family portraits to capture these moments in time!Family Portraits Newfoundland Family Portraits Newfoundland Family Portraits Newfoundland Family Portraits Newfoundland Family Portraits Newfoundland
Family Portraits Newfoundland Family Portraits Newfoundland Before the session, Rhea called me on the phone to coordinate where to meet. Eliza asked to speak to me because she was very excited to tell me that she had learned to do the splits! I told her that I couldn’t wait to see –  and take a photo of it! She really had! Because Rhea is an old and dear friend of mine, I have taken their family portraits several times. It really works in my favour when I have already met the kids that I will be photographing and they know that they can trust me to let them be themselves in their photos! Family Portraits Newfoundland I can’t get over Nathanial’s hair in this photo. I wanted them to stand across the street and hold hands for a photo.  While we waited for passersby to pass by, I tried to keep everyone buys by having them jump up and down. My original idea fell apart because it was a super busy day at the park and there were a lot of people- but the jumping shots turned into my favourites. Check out the enthusiasm on everyone’s faces!Family Portraits Newfoundland Family Portraits Newfoundland Sometimes, when your little brother won’t hold still for a photo, you take some drastic measures. And sometimes, it’s better than the original photo every hoped to be! Family Portraits Newfoundland
And sometimes, you love your little sister THIS MUCH!Family Portraits Newfoundland

And here is the sensible ‘Framer’. I love this one because everyone is sitting and looking so on paper I did my ‘job’, but dollars to donuts, I love the zany unposed, half posed and hilarious ones just as much!

Thank you kids for being awesome, and thank you Moms and Dad’s for letting everyone do what they do best!

Much Love,