St. John's Family Portraits

The day we were set to shoot the Glover’s updated family portriats, the forecast had absolutely zero idea what it was doing. Nancy and I must have spoken on the phone a dozen times. When we realized that everyone has a tangly schedule and it had to be that day, we went ahead and did it! We started out with 5 minutes of just deeply overcast sky, and then the rain showed up. We really wanted to get these family portraits taken, so we left location one, headed up to Signal Hill where the sky looked a little clearer, and arrived just in time for the rain to show up there too. So, sitting at the GEO Centre waiting for a break in the rain, we thought it looked a bit less dark over top of Pippy Park. So we headed there as quick as we could and found an great little corner of the world where we were sheltered and we got them done!

Family Portraits St. John's

Family Portraits Newfoundland

St. John's Family Portraits

Family Portraits in St. John's

I am so grateful when clients (and I am happy to call these guys friends as well!) trust me to make the decisions. I love how we made the best of it and they all look gorgeous!

Much Love,