This is my beautiful and funny friend Lisa. She recently married Craig. And I couldn’t have been any happier to be there with her as she did. You see, I met Lisa when her oldest son was an infant. And I spent many an hour with her and the boys (there are two now!). Lisa would listen to me prattle on about teenage issues and always shot from the hip when advice was needed. She was the kind of grownup I needed, when I needed a grown up.

As an adult, geography and life saw us separated but thankfully through Facebook, we have kept in touch. I have seen how her relationship has grown to the amazing thing it is now. I have also seen her obsession with beach vacations- but I am glad to see her with someone so well suited for her.

I cried happy tears as she saw Craig during their first look. There is no denying they are absolutely in love with each other and there is nothing better than seeing someone you care about be so incredibly happy.

These are my favourite moments of their day…
These are the two beautiful boys who used to be tiny babies when I knew them first. I don’t understand how they are aging so much faster than I am, but they sure grew up to be extremely handsome and so incredibly well mannered. I am so proud of how both of these fellas turned out! I don’t know where the wind started out on July 23rd, but it was unrelenting and circular. If there is such a thing as circular wind, that is. Actually, there is – because that’s what we had. No matter what way we turned or what we hid behind, it was still enough to knock you down, blow your hair out of root (never mind out of an updo!) and send wedding dresses into Marilyn Monroe type poofs! It was both nerve wracking and magical!  Adequately windblown, we headed to the Gypsy Tea Room where Craig Murphy was waiting to get these lovebirds hitched!  And then, with them married, before anyone sat down to dinner, they immediately enjoyed their first dance together. It made an already perfect day flow perfectly!  Lisa and Craig, I am so happy that I got to photograph your beautiful day. I know you two were meant to find each other. I wish you happiness every single day.

Much Love,