Boudoir Photographers St. John's NewfoundlandOften when I open the door for a Boudoir client, I have already met her.  Whether she is a future or past bride, someone I met at a wedding or someone I know from every day life – most of the time we already have some familiarity with each other.

Happily though, Boudoir sessions are quickly gaining popularity, and more women are simply finding me online and wanting the experience for themselves. But, to those women I am a stranger. I understand that the thought of having a complete stranger photograph you in precious nothing can be intimidating. I understand that a boudoir session is an absolute leap of faith and something that my clients do not take lightly. They need to know that they can trust me and that I have their best interest at heart. This is why, when a client says, let’s meet for coffee, I am more than happy to spend an hour or so getting to know her, and equally as important, making sure that she feels like she knows me. Sometimes that means that I listen for an hour about what led them to me. Other times, we laugh until we cry as we trade silly stories about ridiculous real life. I pride myself on being easy to get to know. I guess that is part of why so much of my private life is on Facebook. I don’t do things I can’t tell someone else I did (but I always do take my clients confidentiality incredibly seriously)

No matter the conversation, nothing motivates me more and makes me happier to do what I do than to hear a client say that the photos are for her. Every journey through life starts roughly the same but there are bumps and curves which take us to different places. Sometimes our path takes us in directions that make us question ourselves, to doubt ourselves, to not love ourselves. But no matter how bumpy or brambly or brutal life is, we need to always love ourselves. Always. I do not stand at any pulpits, I will tell you freely that I don’t love myself every day. There are days like today when I am sunburned and overdue for a hair appointment and I think it’s funny to send Brad, my hair stylist, a selfie of my dirty and frizzy messy bun, because it’s funny and I know I will try do better tomorrow. There are days I am so cranky I get on my own nerves. There are days when no jeans are my favourites but I put them on anyway and pretend I don’t care that they are digging into my sides (I always seem to care a lot less when I have a latte in my hands!) But I try. Even with all my faults, I feel as though part of my path through life is helping other women see how beautiful they are.

Alicia is one of my beautiful clients who I didn’t know before we grabbed a coffee on her lunch break a few weeks before her session. We spent an hour chatting about how her path through life had ultimately led her to a great place. Because of this she wanted to do boudoir photos for herself- her husband would certainly benefit, but, ultimately, the experience was going to be for her.

When the time came for her Boudoir session, she knocked on my door and then immediately lit up the room. Alicia knows self-love and because of it, she absolutely radiates confidence.  Her session was amazing and she is a woman I am grateful to have met. I am incredibly happy that she was open to letting me show her images. These are some of my favourites…Newfoundland Boudoir Photographer

St. John's Newfoundland Boudoir Photographer St. John's Newfoundland Boudoir Photographer Have questions about a Boudoir session of your own? I have put together everything you need to know about these incredible sessions in my Dream Shoot Planner. It will tell you everything you need to know from why you deserve to celebrate yourself right now, how to get ready and all of the pricing details. I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have and I am more than happy to meet you for coffee to chat about the experience! In fact, I am looking forward to it!