On the morning that I was to fly out to see Kathryn, the weather in St. John’s was beautiful. It was the third date on which I was meant to meet her, but Newfoundland weather is always a thorn in the side of anyone with travel plans. The weather on the West Coast wasn’t favorable so my flight was met with a delay as there was no plane to board, so I settled into wait with a coffee, intending to catch up on some social media while I waited.

I will always be a people watcher – I think that’s part of being a photographer. I never really care what people are saying, as much as what they are doing. I read body language like road maps into peoples lives. Airports are the best places in the world for that. There are so many people – and everyone has a different reason for being there.

I didn’t mean to listen to the people behind me (I couldn’t see them so I couldn’t watch what they were up to. I can’t tell you what they looked like, except the vision I created in my mind). I couldn’t help but hear what they were saying. They were irritated about the delay, as they were headed to Gander for a meeting, and like me, they were returning home the same day.

Suddenly, their chatter took a sour turn. The gist of it is that one of the women didn’t see how anyone would consider themselves a responsible parent if they were to “Allow their child to pursue a career in The Arts.” She was adamant that such a child would never grow up to be a responsible, tax paying, mortgage carrying, pension contributing citizen. There was a cacophony of affirmative noises  and one chimed in that once she had been driven in a taxi in downtown Montreal by a man who sang the whole way and upon questioning, ‘admitted’ that he had in fact been a Music Major. All parties agreed, this was in fact the cruel fate to be realized by anyone silly enough to believe that they could make a living in ‘The Arts.’

My blood boiled inside my veins. I had not yet met Kathryn yet but I typed a play by play of this episode to her via text. As a full-time photographer who is a  responsible, tax paying, mortgage carrying, pension contributing citizen working in The Arts, I was livid. In the name of not causing a fuss at the airport, and ending up on the news, I chose instead to sit and stew about it.

When I got off the plane, I  immediately knew that I love Kathryn. She picked me up in Gander and we grabbed a coffee to head back to her house about 45 mins away. She is such a good conversationalist. I couldn’t wait to break it all down with her. To talk about what I had chewed the top off my tongue for a couple of hours about. We both found it hilarious that we both are grown women with successful careers in The Arts. A Writer flying a Photographer in for the the day to document her in her beautiful home for her new website. Surely, the lady would have eaten her words had she known.
With the ice broken by our ridiculous story, our day together was amazing. Kathryn and her husband recently completed building their dream home overlooking the Exploits River. It is easily the most beautiful home I have ever seen, and she has impeccable decorating taste. Sadly, she does not offer Interior Design services to the world; though the happy consolation, is that you can find her working her creative magic in many other places. 
Currently, the project nearest to her heart is her recently released novel, Misty’s Misadventures. Following a broken-hearted divorcee finding her feet again in her Newfoundland hometown, Kathryn spins a clever and humorous tale. Misty’s Misadventures, which is available now on Amazon and Kindle; and just in time for perfect vacation reading, the novel is being released in trade paperback this summer!  The purpose of my trip was to create images of Kathryn for her new website and brand that the amazingly talented Lori Barron from Hello was crafting for her. I am thrilled to say that the branding and website are complete, and her website is honestly one of the most gorgeous I have seen in my entire life. You need to go and see how beautiful it is! You can find it here! www.KathrynTaylor.ca The natural light in this office was something I dream about. There is nothing more happy and inspiring to me than a well lit space, full of natural light. Kathryn’s office is just that. What an incredibly pretty work space she has. And, speaking of pretty work spaces, what a great accessory to compliment a writers space – Kathryn’s own Mother’s typewriter. An absolute treasure. 
Kathryn and I share the same loves when it comes to down time. A good book and a good cup of coffee. Of course, she can rock a pair of heels and I am happiest in bare feet, but I love these shots that we did specifically as fun detail shots for the website.  Now that KathrynTaylor.ca is complete, Lori and Kathryn have started work on a new project – the rebranding and website featuring Kathryn’s Bellydance studio in Grand Falls – Windsor. You didn’t know there was one there? There wasn’t! Kathryn started one so that she could continue her love of all things dance. You should see this woman’s collection of shiny, sparkly, tinkling apparel for when she gets her shimmy on! Check back to see when ShiMoves.ca goes live in a few days. I’ve seen a sneak peek and it is incredible! Kathryn is a dynamic and charismatic woman, and it is impossible to not love her from the moment you meet her. With pursuits ranging from hosting her own show on Rogers Cable, to penning novels, speaking on writing and publishing, playing music, bellydancing, working on growing community arts programs for children and adults in Central Newfoundland, and travelling around the world,  it is impossible to imagine her sitting still for longer than it takes to take her photos. It was a thrill to photograph her in her beautiful space and get to know her. Kathryn told me that she enjoys having fun and when she gets to open up to people – once ideas start flowing she gets going. When energy connects the way ours did, time becomes irrelevant. I have to completely agree. We had a very short afternoon together before we had to get me back to Gander for my return flight to St. John’s, but it was my best day ‘at work’ in a very long time. In fact, I am sure beyond all doubt that as I boarded the plane (with my job in the photographic arts) and my new friend waved goodbye (from the literary arts world), we both had an amazing day ‘At Work’. I will always be glad that I overheard the negative conversation in the morning because it affirmed for me that my decision to do a job that makes my heart happy will always be the right one for me.

I once heard that whatever anyone else thinks of you is none of your business. There are no truer words. Dance to your own drum. Follow your dreams. Fill your heart with what makes you happy. I am so glad that I do, and I am so glad that my new friend Kathryn does as well.

Interested in finding out more about Kathryn? (You should be, she is wonderful!) Find her here on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/kathryntaylorwriter/ or on her beautiful website at www.KathrynTaylor.ca


Much Love,