Erica and Andrew had a beautiful Fall Wedding in St. John’s!

The day started out at Hampton Inn on Stavanger Drive where the boys were busy getting ready!  Meghan and I met up with Johnathan Tullas from Simple Love Videography where we captured this fun group of fellas as they got ready for the big day ahead!
With everyone suited up, we headed off to Erica and Andrews home where the girls had gathered to get ready!  Erica made these gorgeous fall wedding bouquets herself. It only takes about 27 seconds inside their home to realize how clever and creative she is! 
I was delighted to find April Pink was the makeup artist for this wedding. I work with April quite a bit on Boudoir sessions and even though we are both fully booked every wedding seasons, it was the first time we had actually crossed paths during a wedding! She did an amazing job as always!  The sweetest flower girl I have ever met! Erica and Andrew’s baby girl Anna!  I love the different colors that were chosen for the Bridesmaids dresses for this fall wedding. The tones in them remind me of a Disney movie!  Now that every one was ready, we hurried (and I mean it!) off to the ceremony!  Even though this wedding was at the end of September, the leaves still hadn’t really started to change. So we had the gorgeous fall wedding cool crispness in the air, with little pops of fall colors!

We did the first of the couples photos at Bowring Park after we had done the family photos. And when we were done, we scooted off to Holiday Lanes, because Erica and Andrew had met while bowling!  Even though it doesn’t look it (through the miracles of camera technology) at this point, it was pretty dark. The sky was really dull for most of the day and by the time we made it to Cuckolds Cove, the short evening darkness had gotten really close. As I was shooting the bridal party, I was wondering when and where I could possibly take more photos of the bride and groom now that it was cold and dark.  We headed back towards the road back from Cuckolds Cove and I used a rock I have been eyeing for a while to get the most of the last wisps of daylight and a view of Quidi Vidi.

And then, I turned around, and absolute magic happened… This photo is why the back of my vehicle is always laden down with a random assortment of light stands, flash lights, and various other things that I ‘might need, someday, if something happens’. And, it did. And I used it. And it was aaaaaamazing. Absolutely worth the metal clanging together sound in the trunk that makes me cringe to be able to make this photo!  And then, it was time for the party!  Erica and Andrew are an absolutely beautiful couple together…
… and their beautiful Anna was never far from the dance floor!
Normally I am not around when the bouquet gets thrown and the garter is tossed. But the shenanigans at this wedding made me glad the timeline worked out the way it did!  Erica and Andrew, your fall wedding was almost as beautiful as the two of you. It was my honor to be a part of your big day and I hope every day you spend together is as sweet as your wedding day was this fall!

So Much Love,

Amy Donovan