St. Johns Photographers Morgan was absolutely stunning on her Graduation Day. This 2017 Baccalieu Collegiate grad is both beautiful and personable and I know she will go far in life because she is is as sparkly and fun as her prom dress! I was really happy to start off a full day of Graduation photos with her in Grates Cove! Newfoundland Photographers Newfoundland Graduation Photographers Graduation Photographers Newfoundland St. John's Graduation Photographers Newfoundland Grad Portraits St. Johns graduation photographer Graduation Photographers Newfoundland
I swear there is a more sensible and posed version of the Hyde’s family photo – but who can resist such a fun shot where everyone looks like they are having a great time out for an ice cream in Dad’s 1968 Ford Mercury Cougar!Newfoundland Grad Photographers Thank you Morgan for having me come do your graduation photos!