Vanessa and Matt’s beautiful wedding day started at out their home in Conception Bay South.  All of Vanessa’s special lady friends had gathered at the house to have hair and makeup done! Not only was Vanessa a beautiful bride, she also had an absolutely stunning bridal party! With the ladies getting their finishing touches done, I popped around the corner to Matt’s parent’s house where he and his best buddies were getting ready!  And then back to their house to watch Vanessa get her dress on! I can officially say that I have met worlds youngest ring bearer!  One of my favourite parts of wedding days are when the Bride and her Mom are tucked away, getting her dress on! This day was no exception! And a first look with Dad is always a great moment! And then a first look with the girls! With everyone ready, It was time to head to the ceremony at the Manuels River Interpretation Centre. Matt was adorably nervous waiting for it to be time!  And then it was time!  When the ceremony was over, it was pouring rain outside. Pouring. And miserable. So I called The Newman Wine Vaults who said that they had a 30 minute opening for photos. RIGHT THEN. And, well, we were still at Manuels River. So we quickly wrangled everyone onto the Party Bus as fast as I could and informed the driver we had no minutes to waste. And we arrived with 7 minutes to spare! It was THE fastest time I have ever set up lights in my life – and then finished shooting couples photos  as our time was up. 
Once we got outside, a dance party had broken out on Water Street.  To try to keep everyone dry for a bit, we headed to the giant culvert at Bowring Park!  And then ventured out to the rest of the park! Now, if I might, I have to tell you about the harrowing story that happened here. I am terrified of rodents.  So whenever I am shooting, I tell my couples that if a rodent appears, to tell my mother I loved her. So, there we are, them beautiful, me drenched, and in sandals. When out of no where a duck comes over and starts nibbing on my toes. And I was too afraid to look down. And I almost died. Thankfully, it was just a duck, and I could continue. But I might need to wear closed toed shoes in the park for the rest of my life.  With all of the photos taken, we  headed back to Maneuls River for the reception!  Matt and Vanessa, thank you so much for choosing me to be such an important part of your special day! I am sure you guys had a wonderful time as you all danced the night away!

Much Love,