Tara and Josh’s big day started when they (along with so many family and friends) flew to St. John’s to celebrate their wedding day with them!

To keep everyone close, most of them stayed in a giant Airbnb . This place was super awesome. There was room after room filled with most random things – including but not limited to hundreds of original scripts to major movies!

When I arrived at the house, the boys were hanging out while the girls were off having their hair and make up done. It was an awesome chance to spend some time with Josh and his groomsmen. Because the girls were running behind, it gave me a chance to do the groomsmen photos out in the street of the downtown house, which was really helpful with the timeline later in the day!
This little new friend of mine totally played hard to get – but when I got him, I got him. Seriously, what a handsome ring bearer he is! He didn’t remember meeting me last year at Melissa and Andrew’s wedding, but hopefully he will next year at Mandy and Zack’s!
Sadly, Josh’s Mom passed away some time ago. I was totally amazed by how often and beautifully she was remembered throughout the day. To start, Tara suprised Josh and wore his mothers veil. And when rings were exchanged at the alter, she was given Josh’s Mother’s ring. It was absolutely touching how even though she may be gone, she certainly is not forgotten. Now every day they will have a reminder of her. 
When it was time to get Tara into her dress, there was a lot of help! Her Mother, Deborah, and Josh’s Stepmother, Roseanne were with her every step of the way. There were many a happy tear shed during this part of the day! Isn’t Tara stunning? Seriously, what a beautiful bride. She looks like a Queen! And we found just the right chair among the antiques in the house for photos of a Queen!
I loved the bridesmaids reactions when Tara stepped out to the big doors and showed them how beautiful she was! It was a little like when Royalty stand on the balcony and greet their public. It was perfect!
With everyone ready, we headed off to Portugal Cove to see them wed! There I was greeted by the sweetest flower girl who could seriously work for the GAP she is so mannerly and photogenic.  In one of the sweetest things I have seen in all of my weddings, Tara and Josh both took a minute to present their Mother with a rose. It was beautiful.  We stopped off at the Legion to see the decor before everyone arrived for dinner on the way to Family photos and when those were done, we headed out to explore the East Coast Trail for photos with the bridal party!
When the bridal party was done, they headed off and left Tara and Josh to have a few quiet  moments alone. We didn’t have a lot of time before dinner but we made good use of every minute we did have!
Upon our return to the reception, I found a very willing model!
And then then it was time for dinner! When the dinner and speeches portion of the evening had concluded, we took advantage of the last wisps of daylight while the room was prepared for the party! 
And when it was time for the party, it was time to PAR-TAY. This was one of the most fun receptions I have been a part of!  Tara and Josh, thank you so much for having me be a part of your wedding. Your day was amazing and so much fun and I am delighted to have been your photographer!

Much Love,