You have decided that you want to spend the rest of your life with the best person you know. And you have made the decision to get married on the most beautiful island on earth. An island set in the beautiful but volatile the North Atlantic Ocean.

There is a better than average chance you will experience at least a few rain drops on your wedding day. There is a chance you will experience rain, drizzle and fog. Or course, I am an eternal optimist, so I will always believe there  is a chance you will get sunshine.

And do you know what? Come what may, you will have beautiful wedding photographs.

How can we do that if it’s pouring sideways?
How can we do it if the fog is as thick as pea soup and threatens to ruin your hair?
How will we prepare for the weather? Where can we go if it rains?

Well, the short but honest answer I tell all of my clients is this:

There is not really anywhere to go if it rains. Sure, we can stop by your favorite pub. The Rooms is an option if you want to organize that and follow the rules. If you planned ahead booked the Newman Wine Vaults that’s fantastic. But aside from those few options, we really are on our own.

Whaaaat? I don’t have any amazing secret location up my sleeve where I take my clients? There is no magic answer to this giant problem?

Well friends, the magic answer is this.

Just go with it.

The very best thing to do is accept that there is a strong likelihood that somehow, if you are getting married in Newfoundland and Labrador, you will have to contend with some sort of weather. After all, where else in the world do people comment about the fact that it ‘isn’t windy’’? 

Real life now, we get all the elements – and the wildness is what makes living here both challenging and beautiful.

So my #1 tip on how to deal with questionable weather on your wedding day is that we need to just embrace it and make beautiful images with it.

Yes, that is what I said, and I wholeheartedly mean it. Some of my favorite images were taken on days when you wouldn’t want to put your dog outside. Here, let me show you how much fun you can have when it’s not great outside!What to do if it rains on my wedding day
These photos cracked me up when I took them and they cracked me up again today when I came across them while I was looking for photos to show you! Tim had been tasked with figuring out what we would do if the forecast delivered what it promised. Tim over-delivered because these were exactly what we needed to get the the ice broken and everyone loosened up and ready for photo time. I would never expect that anyone would hang a canvas over the mantle with them in plastic yellow ponchos  – but they are a fun memory to have.
The forecast had actually called for rain. But they didn’t mention that it was going to be sideways rain. So Mother Nature sent us all she had to offer that day and these two still made the best of it. The funny thing is, I was so proud of the two of them for mucking around St. John’s in the rain, but a few days after the wedding, Jennifer said this about me, “Amy is amazing. She’s organized, fun and more than anything extremely talented. Lucky for us, even though she is very sweet, she isn’t made of sugar and shot both our engagement session and wedding in the pouring rain! She got amazing shots and she was a trooper about trekking through the rain. Her work is amazing and she is so easy to work with. I can’t recommend her enough”.

Now, I didn’t post that to toot my own horn – but she coined my new mantra. We aren’t made of sugar.

Thankfully they weren’t either and it was perfect! We did take a quick few minutes inside the pub where their family and friends were gathered  and we made some pretty indoor photos (literally in a corner of O’Reilly’s) but then we headed back outside to George Street to make the most of it before we headed inside Yellow Belly for the reception.  

Elisabeth and Evan were not afraid of the weather either. The both came from Vancouver for their wedding and it was important to Elisabeth that their photos look authentically like Newfoundland . The day of the wedding, the winds blowing hard enough to knock you down. Driving out to Cape Spear, the Party Bus driver told me that I was “Off my head.”

And I laughed because I knew that with the direction of the wind, and when we found the direction of the wind – there would be nothing more authentic. Of course, had the wind been blowing toward the water I would never have sent them out there, with her in a dress that turned into a sail. I am all about dramatic images – but I am not about creating real life drama in the form of someone flying out to sea.

Jen and Ryan were blessed with wind that blew in all directions on their wedding day. I kid you not, we started at Gibbet Hill (about halfway up Signal Hill) with the bridal party and the winds were so strong and from so many directions there were times that Jen’s hair blew up in tornado formation. These gorgeous people were home from Toronto for their wedding and still wanted ocean in their images – so we hiked out to the breakwater in Quidi Vidi, were I suspected and thankfully I was right, we were afforded some shelter from the winds. 
When April and Derek got married in late October, we were prepared for the cold. Cold you can dress for, so we did.  We also got all the seasons in that one day. We were blessed with high winds, horizontal rain, sloppy snow, and thankfully we finished out the day, just before the reception with a gorgeous glowy diffused sunset.
Andrea and Nathan both aren’t from Newfoundland, but they both call it home now. These two may be my favourite couple ever at handling bad weather on their day. We left their ceremony and while we were headed toward Quidi Vidi, we could see that the sky was changing and that there was rain headed straight for us. Nathan had a brilliant suggestion – we stopped at Fixed on Water Street (his favorite coffee shop) and then we forged on to see what happened. The fog arrived first and then the rain. Everyone was drenched by the time we made it back to the reception, but their laid back images are some of my favorites ever. I love that with these two the best plan was to have no plan and just see how it all worked out. I feel as though it more than worked out.  Melissa and Andrew had decent weather on their day. It was hotter than Hades  and one of the most humid days I have experienced but we had blue skies for most of the day. Late in the day things clouded over and cooled off – but not before a magical rainbow showed up. Even though we didn’t deal with rain on their day the humidity was enough to dampen spirits if they had let it. I am so glad they didn’t even think twice about it! 
Last August I was in Fortune for two back to back weddings. The wind didn’t drop for a second the entire time I was there. On the first day, the sky was dark and gloomy. Just what we needed to make some moody images. For this photo we literally waited for a gap in the gusts and while we were waiting, these two did their own thing and had their own moment.

From the minute I got to Lindsey and Chris’s place, it was pouring sideways. Not only were we planning a full day of touring around in a Trolly, they had an outdoor reception planned complete with a dance floor and twinkle lights. When I pulled in the driveway, Chris was standing outside with his two hands in the air. We both said “Well, this is it!” and we headed out as planned. The smile didn’t leave Lindsey’s face from the minute she boarded the trolly until it dropped us off. The rain didn’t slack and no one cared. This was one of the most fun afternoons I have ever spent and their entire gallery of rainy images are stunning.

We sought a bit of shelter from the elements under the Pitts Memorial Drive overpass on the day that Amy and Chad got married. The wind found  us anyway and I am happy it did!

Now, you think, there must be exceptions to this. There must be days where it is just too rainy to make it work. If there was any one day that I MIGHT have conceded and gone to seek shelter, it would have been the day of Stacy and Jason’s wedding. On that day, it was cold and it was SO wet- but we were in Calvert, well down on the Southern Shore. There were no options. Everything was soaking wet and even though we did stop into the local bar for a little bit and took some shots of the bridal party having a few drinks and playing a game of pool, when we realized that we were in a now or never situation and the rain was not going to let up, we went back outside. It was important to Jason to have a photo with his family’s boat – and wet or not, I wasn’t going to let him down on that.


When you think of Northern Bay, you think of days spent at the beach. But when Ashley married Brian there, it couldn’t have been a more different day. As we headed toward the Wilds, we stopped at all our planned photo locations along the way and captured these two having fun together even though it was really miserable outside!
This image makes me laugh every time I see it! These family members couldn’t have been smiling bigger as they watched Samantha and Tom get married at their Murray’s Pond wedding. To be clear, we weren’t caught in a downpour, we knew what we were getting into when Samantha decided rain or not, she was getting married outside. I think their happy grins as the head into toward their reception says they weren’t much bothered about the rain!  And no post about the weather would be complete without this photo of Adam and Carla. It’s one of my oldest rainy wedding shots. It is all of the happy. Not only are they laughing like hyenas and just enjoying the moment despite the pouring rain at Lesters Farm, they were also choosing to not be one bit bothered by the fact that Carla had traipsed through duck poop and it was now the detailing she hadn’t thought of on the bottom of her dress. I couldn’t love these two anymore than I do.

So you see, as beautiful as sunshine is, we don’t need it to make gorgeous wedding images. I will do what I do best while you choose to enjoy every minute of your big day with the people you love most. Because sun doesn’t make beautiful images. Happy makes beautiful images.

Much Love,

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