When I started offering Boudoir sessions, we needed to be incredibly quiet about it. Clients would come to meet me at hotel rooms, with cleverly crafted alibis, because, boudoir might have been scandalous. Ladies might tell their closest friends what they had done, but the photos, they were for the husbands.


The photos? They are for the clients. The experience? For her too. Absolutely for her.

Woman are keen to show their friends now. To print canvases to hang above their beds. To share the experience and feel empowered by it.

They may give the photos to their husbands. But they are absolutely for the women now. And I couldn’t be more proud.
Lori responded to a Model call that I posted in my Boudoir group. Her application told me that she wanted to do her session to celebrate recently losing sixty pounds. It also said that she wanted to do the session for her, In fact, it said:

“I’m interested in being a model for a few reasons…
I have completely changed my lifestyle and have lost over 60 pound. Over this process I am slowly gaining confidence in my self. I have never felt pretty or confident in myself.
I’m a mom of two teenage boys. There is never much time for myself. 

I want to feel sexy and beautiful. And I would love to do something fun for me.”

I can think of no better reasons to do a boudoir session and I am thankful she trusted me to not only take these images for her, but also share them with the world. Here are my favourites…

St. John's Boudoir Photographers St. John's Newfoundland Boudoir Photographers
Thank you Lori for allowing me to take these Boudoir photos of you. Thank you for trusting me. You are strong and beautiful. Never forget how special you are.

Much Love,