Being a wedding photographer, I get to spend the happiest days with people. It is an absolute blessing. Meeting couples like Jacinta and Aaron is a blessing too. They are two of the sweetest, humble and good people I have ever met. I am so happy that they found each other. And I am happy that I got spend their wedding day with them. Here is how their day played out…
When I arrived at Jacinta and Aaron’s house in Portugal Cove, all the men had gathered and were busy playing some game I don’t understand in the drive way. They were all relaxed and hanging out, and  I knew they were going to be a great bunch all day. When it came time to get dressed for the wedding, they all cleaned up very nicely!  Happy is the groom who takes time to play jump rope with the Ring Bearer!  Candid  moments like this are the dream of every wedding photographer! With the boys all straightened away, we headed off to find Jacinta and her girls getting ready nearby! All of the details of their day were classic and stunning. I especially loved Jacinta’s blue wedding shoes! Heather’s Floral Creations did an amazing job on all the flowers for the day. The bouquets were stunning! This wedding had all the details, including the most beautiful children I have seen in a wedding. These girls could be GAP models. Not just gorgeous, but so sweet and well mannered. They were a dream to photograph!  In order to do a ‘reveal’ photo, I had the bridesmaids hang out in a bedroom so we could suprise them when Jacinta was ready! Samantha Picco from the The Studio Beauty Bar  and and Flhair by Lauren had already worked their magic and were just leaving as I was arriving, so all that was left to do was get this beauty into her Stella York Dress from Ever After and whisk her off to the church!
This purse was made using Jacinta’s Grandmother’s wedding dress. It was the most beautiful and thoughtful ‘Something Old’ I have ever seen. Lisa from Furious Designs put it together and even thought to add a dove as Dove was Jacinta’s Grandmother’s nickname for her! A seriously gorgeous bridal party! When everyone was ready, the sweet trolly bus from Classic Carriage in Clarke’s beach came to pick the ladies up!
The wedding took place at the Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Portugal Cove. Father Ken Walsh was terrific -somehow he managed to be the funniest Priest I have ever met, with the congregation (and himself) in stitches, but still managed a somber ceremony. It was wonderful!
Now then. I told you he was funny! I don’t often wish I had audio of ceremonies to play back, but I wish I had audio of all the laughter erupting here!  After we had taken the family photos, the bridal party hopped on the Trolly and we all headed off toward Cape Spear. Of course (as you might expect, it was windy!) There is no where prettier for photos than Cape Spear! It is beautiful and rugged and even with the strong winds, everyone looks gorgeous! All these beauties against his stunning backdrop is the dream of every wedding photographer! 

Hello stunning!  We headed on our photo tour out to Petty Harbour! So many interesting colors and textures. Also, the evening light out there is incredible!

Jacinta LOVES to dance, and we took the last few of their quiet moments together in Petty Harbour for her to do just that!  With bellies rumbling, we headed back to the CLB in St. John’s for dinner. The room was GORGEOUS. I have to send a huge shout out to Spotlight Events for making such a HUGE space seem so intimate!
Who can say no to Sugar Mama’s?!
I posted this one over on my Facebook page a while ago. I wanted to give them a night shot, but the area around the CLB doesn’t really have any lights in the background (what I feel makes night shots so special). So we stood on the corner for a bit and I had all but given up. I had a few photos but not one of them made me excited. And then, just as I was about to call it a day, these motorcycles started up the hill. And then, I loved my life! They were just what I needed to make things pop!  Then we headed back in side from the first dances. I love this part of the evening. All the rushing and pressure has worn off, and it’s just time to relax and everyone lets their hair down and switches to their dancing shoes (it might have something to do with the wine at supper!) And then, the sweetest thing of all happened. Aaron’s Dad actually sang and played while Aaron danced with his mother. I cry a lot at weddings. This was incredibly sweet, so I don’t mind telling you I cried at this too!

Jacinta and Aaron, I am so glad you chose me to be  your wedding photographer. Your day was sweet, sincere and beautiful. There was so much love felt, shared and shown at your wedding, my heart was full editing your images. I hope you love them as much as I loved getting to know both of you. Congratulations to you both!

SO much love,