Capturing the moments you want to last forever.


Life is fleeting and time moves quickly. Your first kiss, your baby bump, your laughing family; all things that feel amazing in the moment but will be a faint memory before too long. Photos give those times back to you. When you look back at your past, at your life’s story, make sure you have photos to document your every day. But leave the most special days, your milestone moments, to me.

Newfoundland Boudoir Photographers | Michelle | St. John’s, NL

This session happened a while ago and I am happy that today is the day I pulled it out of the Blogging Cup (it's an acutal cup with all the sessions and weddings that need to be blogged! To keep things fun, and to get caught up, I choose one at random. I am loving it...
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Newfoundland Branding Photography | Kathryn Taylor

On the morning that I was to fly out to see Kathryn, the weather in St. John's was beautiful. It was the third date on which I was meant to meet her, but Newfoundland weather is always a thorn in the side of anyone with travel plans. The weather on the West Coast...
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Newfoundland Boudoir Photographer | Miss S. |St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

I shot this session quite a while ago, and since I am beyond behind in blogging, I haven't shared it yet. Today Miss S's name got plucked from my bowl of things to Blog and I could NOT be happier. I am madly in love with this session,she is a strong, beautiful and...
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Newfoundland Photographer | April & Derek | St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

*I am hopelessly behind in my blogging and doing my very best to catch up! Because I have to work my way back so far, I have decided to throw all of the names into a bowl and choose a new post daily just to mix things up a little!* Today I picked April and Derek's...
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Newfoundland Wedding Photographer | April & Derek | Bally Haly

A couple of years ago, I photographed Sascha and Josh's wedding. They are a super fun couple, so it makes perfect sense that they have super fun friends in April and Derek. They loved Sascha and Josh's photos, so I did couples photos of these two just before they were...
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Newfoundland Wedding Photographer | Jennifer & Ryan | Mallard Cottage, St. John’s, NL

Jennifer and Ryan came home from Ottawa to get married, in what might actually be my own personal dream wedding. They had a relaxed morning getting ready with their family and friends, did a first look at on the Government House grounds, popped around to Quidi Vidi...
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Newfoundland Wedding Photographer | Vanessa & Derek | Glendenning, St. John’s, NL

  Derek and Vanessa's wedding day was beautiful and absolutely perfect! We started the day out  at Derek's family's stunning home where he and the boys had gathered to get ready. I had already met some of his friends and his family because I had photographed his...
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Newfoundland Wedding Photographer | Andrea & Nathan | The Rocket Room, St. John’s, NL

Andrea and Nathan were married in a super laid-back and relaxed ceremony at the Rocket Room on Water Street. So many of their friends and family had traveled to join them for their big day that they wanted the day to be fun for everyone and went as far as to organize...
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Newfoundland Wedding Photographer | Glenn & Suchen | St. John’s, NL

Suchen and Glenn met on an adventure vacation - and in September they had another one. When they gathered with family and friends from all around the world in St. John's for their wedding. The day started at the Sheraton where Suchen gathered with her immediate family...
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