Capturing the moments you want to last forever.


Life is fleeting and time moves quickly. Your first kiss, your baby bump, your laughing family; all things that feel amazing in the moment but will be a faint memory before too long. Photos give those times back to you. When you look back at your past, at your life’s story, make sure you have photos to document your every day. But leave the most special days, your milestone moments, to me.

Mandy & Zach’s Manuels River Engagement Photos

The evening of Mandy and Zack's engagement photos, the light at Manuel's River was unreal. It was our first time meeting and the two of them were absolutely amazing. Mandy instantly lights up whenever Zack looks at her - it's not hard to see why they want to spend the...
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Melissa & Justin’s Bonavista Wedding

This wedding.   I have a lot of words, but I don't have enough words or at least the right ones for this wedding. Since the moment I pulled up in front of this house, I have been been writing this blog post in my head. You see, I had just made the 3 hour drive in...
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Jennifer & Sheldon | St. John’s Maternity Photos

Hi there! I am so excited you are here - now you get to see Jennifer and Sheldon's Maternity Photos! If you know me, have read my blog, or seen anything from me online ever, you will know that I adore Jennifer and Sheldon. Their wedding last year in Fortune was...
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Jennifer and Wesley | The Wilds

The Wilds at Salmonier couldn't be any sunnier on the day that Wes and Jennifer got married. It made what is already a gorgeous venue absolutely stunning. I couldn't have been any happier to be Jennifer and Wes's wedding photographer! Richelle and I arrived to find...
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Andrea Sharpe | Karlande Designs | Branding Photos

This beautiful, kind hearted, warm, friendly, and caring woman is Andrea Sharpe who I had the good fortune of meeting her when I was a high school student in Clarenville. I often thought of her fondly and there are a few stories in particular that stuck with me always. You do not forget someone as wonderful as ‘Mrs. Sharpe’. It was my pleasure to visit her at Karlande Designs for Branding Photos recently!

 Karlande Designs is based in Clarenville. Together with her team, Andrea makes gorgeous jewelry pieces and sell them from their studio and online at  My personal favourites are from the beach glass collection! 

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Beautiful light Bowring Park engagement session – Christa & Justin

The light on the evening that I took Christa and Justin's engagement photos was incredible. It was the kind of evening where if I am not shooting, I could cry because I am missing out on amazing soft light. And thankfully, on that day, after we had previously...
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Darlene and Ernie – Engaged!

I KNOW Darlene is excited for these engagement photos to hit my blog, so I didn't even ask her to confirm the details! Normally, I would ask her what year her Dad's car is, but not today! I want it to be a total surprise that they are ready. I do know it's a pretty...
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What will we do if it rains on my wedding day?

Congratulations! You have decided that you want to spend the rest of your life with the best person you know. And you have made the decision to get married on the most beautiful island on earth. An island set in the beautiful but volatile the North Atlantic Ocean....
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Protected: Do something that scares you every day!

Penni made a New Years Resolution to do more things outside her comfort zone. One of those things led her to us. When she walked into the hotel room for her session I could tell that she was reserved but confident. She was beautiful before April even started with her....
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Newfoundland Boudoir Photographer | Stephanie

Stephanie's session was going to be a surprise for her husband. She pretended she had a late work meeting  - on the Friday of a holiday weekend. Apparently, being together since they were teenagers paid off because he didn't question her at all. She managed to pull...
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